Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I was paid to go to Brazil! That’s right – my job sent me to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a week. Not bad, right?

Although another conference manager went along with me, this was my first show as the “Conference Manager”. So how did I do? Overall, I think it went great! The main challenge was obviously the language barrier but honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I thought ahead and downloaded 2 Portuguese apps so I could learn a few keywords as well as have something that would translate if I needed it (which I did on several occasions!). I seriously have NO idea what we did before the iPhone – thank you Steve Jobs!!

The biggest language barrier lesson learned = a smile is universal :)

Since I will be visiting Brazil at least twice a year and communicating with Brazilians on a frequent basis I have made the decision to learn Portuguese. I will do this through Rosetta Stone and I’m so excited!!

Okay back to the trip! This was my first trip to Brazil and I was actually surprised at the landscape. I wasn’t expecting so many mountains for some reason. As I looked out onto the ocean I was surprised to see small ‘mountains’ in the water. Clearly this Florida girl isn’t used to seeing this. But it was BEAUTIFUL! Every picture was like a postcard.

We only had a limited amount of time to sight see but I was able to fit lots in. I saw Christ the Redeemer (AKA: the giant Jesus), lovely mountain views of the city, the famous Copacabana Palace hotel (which by the way Katy Perry was there and the paparazzi was everywhere!), and experienced the national cocktail – the Caipirinha! I will write another blog all about this drink :)

Here are just a few pictures from my trip. It was a wonderful experience and not only did the show go well and I was able to travel to a place I have never been but I also had the opportunity to bond with more people I work with. Seriously – there is no better way to get to know someone than to be on a 10 hour flight!

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One response to “Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  1. Gorgeous! And your hair is getting so long, btw! You look great! :)

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