First week of the new job!

So I did it – I survived my first week of my new job! During negotiations it was asked if I could travel during my first week on the job. Well of course I said yes and was thrilled to jump right in. So the Friday before I started I went by the office to pick up my laptop, cell phone, as well as talk about some details. I was given all that I needed and told them I would see them on Monday!

So first thing Monday morning I caught a flight to Columbus, OH and I was off to work. I arrived at the hotel around 5:30pm and was at dinner by 6:00pm! The conference went great and I was able to see first hand what I will be planning once I am back in the office. I was also able to meet many of the people that I will work with in a casual setting. We had dinner and drinks together several nights I was there and this was a great way to meet everyone. There was also one other person who started and this was her first week as well. We eventually found out we have more than that in common – she is planning her wedding too! So of course we were able to sneak some wedding talk in there too :) So fun!

During my stay in Columbus I ate at great restaurants as well as making a quick trip to The Ohio State football stadium. Unfortunately I was not able to get in but I did get some good shots of the stadium (for Alex, of course!). Below are some of the highlights from the trip:

Overall, I think everyone should start off a new job like this!!! I am very lucky and can’t wait to find out where my desk will be in the office :)

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One response to “First week of the new job!

  1. The new job sounds so exciting, and much more “you!” :)

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